Monday, 22 March 2010

john stezaker.

one of my new favourites.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

my desk today.

Some labels for hairs, a balloon from Graeme, a word for Lewis, where the things were found, and a souvenir from a nice time.

a blue sky in edinburgh.

thank you romy.

me and jill went to edinburgh to see four tet and it was this -> a great fun time!


some cakes that i made with lewis (the two in the middle are Masterchef and Masterchef).

more h.g. wells.

h.g. wells covers.

fairytale books.

cinderella. . .

rumpelstiltskin. . . .

snow white. . . .

putting my work on here is one of the steps in my new 'get a grip of your life, Robyn' action plan. . . so here goes. . .

pancake valentines day.

o o