Sunday, 28 June 2009

Friday, 5 June 2009

some new friends.

my shoes. . . again.

these are my shoes and they say shoe and they say potato.

this is jill.

it was a nice time when jill and lynn came to my house to do lots of drawing. then it wasn't such a nice time when we turned into mad ladies and it was 2am and i drew this picture of jill's stripey socks. i think you should both come back and we can do another nice time. please.

typewriter. . .

. . . tip tip tip . . .

i ♥ monoprinting.


here is a drawing of my legs in my shoes on a chess board in Nice before my shoes got too smelly.


this is a bit of me.

monoprinting time.

here are some legs and some shoes that are nice.

40 07817 106365.

i got up too early this morning and ran out of things to do. . . so i'm scanning in my favourite favourites.

some things to put on your eyes.

a camera.

here is a drawing of a camera that i don't know how to work but would like to.